Control of Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma Test

During the last 4 weeks, because of your asthma/rhinitis/allergy how many times, on average, did you experience:
    Never Up to 2 days per week More than 2 days per week Almost every day or every day
1. Blocked nose? *
2. Sneezing? *
3. Itchy nose? *
4. Runny nose? *
5. Shortness of breath/dyspnoea? *
6. Wheezing in the chest? *
7. Chest tightness upon physical exercice? *
8. Tiredness/limitations in doing daily tasks? *
9. Woke up during the night because of your asthma/rhinitis/allergy? *

During the last 4 weeks, because of your asthma/rhinitis/allergy, how many times did you have to:
    I am not taking any medicines Never Less than 7 days 7 or more days
10. Increase the use of your medications? *

* All questions are mandatory

Total Score:  0     Scores higher than 24 indicate good disease control
   Score of the upper airway (item 1-4):  0     Controlled if score is >8
    Score of the lower airway (item 5-10):  0     Controlled if score is ≥16